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Frank Tyger   -  In His Own Words

In addition to drawing, Frank had a lifelong love affair with the written word.  He was an avid collector of quotes by other people, as well as an author of countless quotes, puns and humorous writings himself.

Frank was a keen observer of life, an attribute which became the foundation for much of his writing.  In addition to appearing in his Monday Time's column, his quotes were published nationally in the Saturday Evening Post, Reader's Digest and Forbes magazine, as well as in numerous quotation anthologies such as the Forbes Book of Business Quotations which featured over 50 of Frank's observations on life.

Some of Frank's work was also published in other forms including advertisements and motivational posters.  There is even a reference to one of his quotes in a "Dear Abby" column.

One of Frank's best known quotes appeared in a May 1969 issue of Editor and Publisher:

     "Who's that fellow with face so solemn?
     They say he writes a humor column."

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Frank's quotations
appear in numerous
anthologies, including
this one by Forbes
A Tyger Sampler - Quotes and Puns

The best diet advice is: "No thyself"
A look at their domes makes it obvious that as men grow older they become hard of hairing.
There is no greater loan than a sympathetic ear.
In every triumph there's a lot of try.
Doing what you like is freedom.  Liking what you do is happiness.
Oil spills are the grime of the century.
Modesty is the triumph of mind over flattery.
The most important thing to do in solving a problem is to begin.
Goodwill cannot be purchased, it must be earned.
Be optimistic:  It's the best droop therapy.
Do patients in an acupuncturist's office wait on pins and needles?
In times of emergency, always say nothing doing to doing nothing.
Rent is dollars for quarters.
Most political speeches are unbelieveabull.
Are winter temperatures measured with a brrrometer?
Can cutting the grass be called lawndering?
Junk is the stuff we throw away.  Stuff is the junk we keep.
A sense of humor cushions the potholes on the road of life.


Russian Actor:  State trouper
Sailing ships:  Mast transit
Apathy:  Vigor mortis
Maturity:  Acting your age instead of your urge
Enthusiasm:  Get-up-and-glow
Mountain climbing:  scalesmanship
Bachelor:  A laddy in waiting
College classroom:  Scholarshop
Noah's ark:  Barn voyage
Massage:  A basic human knead
Pessimist:  Nope addict

Signs of the Times

Supermarket entrance:  "Say hello to good buys"
At entrance to Yellowstone Park:  "It's not nice to foul Mother Nature"
Advertising agency:  "Our job is to swerve our fellow man"
Doughnut shop:  "No slam-dunking"
Janitorial service:  "Grand Ole Mopry"
In an allergist's office:  "Sneezin's Greetings"

The quotes and puns shown above, as well as those appearing at the footer on each page of the Web site, are from a collection put together by Michael Tyger, Frank's nephew, as a tribute to his uncle on his 75th birthday.

The Monday Column

For over 10 years, Frank wrote a widely read column that appeared on page 2 of the Monday paper.  The column provided a link between the Trenton community and charitable organizations and their events, activities for the family, publicity for small businesses that needed a helping hand, his quotes, quotes from other people and an occasional movie review.

Every column ended with the following upbeat quote that summarized Frank's outlook on life:

     "May today be the start of a wonderful week for you."


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The Humorist at Work

Anyone who knows Frank is familiar with the felt-tipped markers always in his shirt pocket.  If he saw something or heard an interesting comment that could be the basis for a future quote or included in his column, out would come the marker and a folded paper or index card to make notes.

While not as glitzy as today's Palm Pilot or Blackberry, Frank's low-tech approach for keeping notes is just as effective as shown by how much he wrote!

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Frank Tyger - with ever present
felt-tipped markers in shirt pocket

(1989 Times File Photo)
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An example of the notes Frank took
for future publication
Times Topics

In addition to his editorial work for the published paper, Frank also edited the monthly Times employee newsletter - Times Topics.   The newsletter featured stories about employees, their families and professional accomplishments, pictorial essays on social activities such as staff picnics or bowling outings and a humorous look at events around the paper.

One of the popular columns featured "The Curious Cameraman", a.k.a. staff photographer Martin D'Arcy, who would ask staffers questions such as, "We all know the disadvantages of old age, but what, if any, are the advantages?" or "If necessity is the mother of invention - what needs to be invented?"

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Other References to Frank's Quotes

Besides newspapers and magazines, Frank's quotes were reprinted in other formats including a car advertisement for Infinity and employee motivational posters.

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"Progress is not created by contented people"

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"Your future depends on many things, but mostly you"
About Frank Tyger

2011 Times of Trenton Holiday Appeal in Memory of Frank Tyger

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Success and failure have much in common that is good.
Both mean you're trying.

- Frank Tyger